A Detailed Guide: How to Choose the Best CRM for Real Estate?

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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a digital platform with integrations, records customer details, streamlines marketing processes and enables effective communications with the leads to enhance customer relationship and sales.

Businesses across the industries use CRM globally and have increased revenue gradually and consistently. The global revenue of customer relationship management (CRM) software market is estimated at an annual growth rate of (CAGR 2023-2028) 10.68% by 2028. https://www.statista.com/outlook/tmo/software/enterprise-software/customer-relationship- management-software/worldwide Real estate industry in India is adopting CRM systems for improved customer relationships and business growth.

Importance of Real Estate CRM Lead Management System

One must choose the best CRM for real estate as it is designed to eliminate the challenges in lead management with accurate data. An end-to-end Lead Management System (LMS) increases agent performance, prevents leads from slipping through the crack by offering in-depth insights, helps build proactive marketing strategies, and tracks KPIs for online and offline leads at crucial stages with accurate forecasts and reports.

What Are the Best CRM for Real Estate Solutions in India in 2023?

There are quite a number of CRM tools available in the market in 2023 – Best CRM for real estate management, CRM tools powered by AI, customizable CRM tools, CRM for automation of real estate management, and best CRM for real estate lead management and marketing. This blog discusses the essential elements for Indian real estate developers looking to invest in profitable CRM in the market.

Features of the Best CRM for Real Estate!

CRM lead management software draws visibility with central access to contacts in one place, has tools for effective communication with leads and customers. It increases agent productivity by accurate analytics and reports on different sales parameters to achieve assured sales.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Online and offline lead management
  • Marketing channel performance overview
  • Performance matrix (employee, projects, team)
  • Email, SMS, and Whatsapp integration
  • Notifications and alerts on lead actions
  • Target setting for lead conversions and sales
  • Site visits, site visit opportunities, and drops metrics
  • Automation – Lead capturing, report creation, bulk text messages, and emails
  • 100% Security and compliance

Choose the Best Real Estate CRM for Your Business Needs!

Every real estate business has four stages in lead management - lead capturing, categorization, distribution, and lead nurturing that accelerates sales conversions. Here is how you select the CRM based on these stages.

Online and Offline Lead Capturing!

The best CRM tool in India, like Mint360, tracks both online and offline leads on a single central digital location so that you don’t miss track of any leads.

Identify and Group Leads!

Choose the best CRM for real estate lead management that allows you to track and group leads on custom parameters. For example, you can categorize leads based on the source, date, funnel stage, booking status, site visits, etc., and create a targeted conversion strategy for each group, which saves time and cost.

Lead Distribution

Look for CRM lead management software that allows Sales managers to assign leads to the Telecallers to build connections and nurture leads by projects, lead sources, and lead stage in the lead journey for quicker sales conversions.

Lead Nurturing

The ability to Integrate marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, Magicbricks, 99acres, commonfloor, Nobroker, and SMS, Whatsapp, and call features draws the Best CRM system the advantage of acquiring the leads through different channels every possible source from a single platform over the other CRMs.


Although any CRM tool help you easily connect with your customers, real estate needs exclusive CRM lead management system with features that facilitate a smooth workflow and allow sales agents and telecallers to make better decisions with accurate shared information. The range of options in the market is overwhelming unless you know how to choose the best CRM to achieve better ROI and revenue growth. It influences to build a better marketing strategy using performance analytics and allows effective communication with prospects to drive sales!

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